Artworks: Charlotte Handy


Graduating senior scholar Class of 1991 from Elam school of Fine Art, University of Auckland, Charlotte Handy has exhibited regularly in solo and group shows nationwide. Her work is held in notable public collections and private hands in New Zealand and around the world. 

In 2018 Charlotte changed everything and moved to an island- Waiheke Island, in the Hauraki Gulf.

This ongoing body of work is concerned with the collection and arrangement of shells, fragments and detritus found in the intertidal zone. There is no taxonomic hierarchy between the naturally occurring and the flotsam of consumerist life, sea glass or seed pod, shell or bottle top are ordered and set out in constellations that hint at subtle threads of connection and dialogue.

Her Instagram offers an overview of her creative process and ongoing preoccupations.

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"is not impermanence the very fragrance of our days?" - Rilke



5 artwork
  • Songs of innocence, 2019
  • Galaxia, 2020
  • Wintermute, 2020
  • Hourglass, 2020
  • The lives of poets, 2019