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Glen Jorna is an Australian contemporary mixed media artist living in Wellington, New Zealand. When he is not teaching Visual Art at Wellesley Independent School for Boys, he can often be found walking the Wellington streets (or any street around the world), collecting found paper and ripping old posters from street billboards, as well as documenting interesting compositions of street walls, graffiti marks and laneway textures on his iphone. Back in the studio, the scavenged material is meticulously soaked, separated and dried, and then carefully curated into piles according to colour, typography and imagery. From here, the first layer is assembled and glued down like one big jigsaw puzzle. The colour choices and abstract gestural marks organically evolve as other layers are added, removed and exposed. Overall, he immerses himself in a unique, physical process that attempts to honour the rugged beauty and life of the streets, as well as capturing an intimate sense of time, place and history. The intended result is about “capturing the beauty in decay” and vice versa.

Glen encourages commissions - creating unique pieces of art using street posters, in any colour palette, and in a range of sizes on board or canvas to brief.

You can also follow his creative journey on instagram: @artbyglenjorna

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“Capturing and elevating the beauty in decay.”


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