Artworks: Nicki Manthel


Nicki Manthel paints and teaches from her garden studio on the Kapiti Coast and combines her busy painting practice with her part-time role as Development Manager at City Gallery Wellington. She has worked as a painter for 26 years or more. Her work has evolved over time—always reflecting a love of the natural world, a fascination for light and use of expressive paint. This collection is a reinvention and development in her career.

Nicki graduated with a Degree in Fine Art from Elam, Auckland in 2004. Since then she has exhibited regularly in both group and solo shows in New Zealand and Melbourne—recently at Railway Street Gallery, Auckland in 2018 and at The New Zealand Academy of Fine Art in Wellington in 2017.

Her solo exhibitions in 2014 at Carbon Black Gallery, Melbourne and The Artists Room, Dunedin in 2015 sold out. At that time the works focused on larger-than-life flowers and plants painted in oil on linen and silver leaf. 

Her work is enjoyed across the world from London to L.A. It has featured in many high-profile settings such as NZ House and Garden, on the set of Shortland Street and as a commission of over forty paintings for the Hilton Hotel apartments, Kawarau, Queenstown. 

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Unruly nature – it calls me to pick up a brush and paint.



14 artwork
  • Beautiful Vision ll
  • Snow Garden
  • Flying into Weather lll
  • Into the Deep Dark, 2020
  • Glasshouse Window, 2020
  • Secret Place, 2020
  • Deep in the Garden ll, 2020
  • Deep in the Garden l, 2020
  • Still Life - Late afternoon, 2020
  • Beautiful Vision, 2020
  • Flying into Weather ll, 2020
  • Flying into Weather l, 2020
  • Full Moon, 2020
  • The Pass, 2019