Artworks: Owie Simpson


Owie’s paintings are inspired by what she sees, hears and encounters.

She is interested in dramatic landscapes, concepts of spirituality and belief systems, myths and legends and ethnic crafts that reflect those beliefs.  She likes to paint pictures that remind the viewer that we are all just visitors and caretakers on this earth. Through her extensive travels she has discovered wonderful crafts, in particular figures that mean something or represent a belief or an idea, triggering the desire to paint a series in homage. 

The Pachamama series exhibited here is inspired by this figure and its primal force, re birth, new beginnings. See more

Owie is interested in layering and blocking of imagery, expressive marks and colour and likes to play between texture and softness, transparency and opacity, building layers in oil, encaustic and acrylic, working both on both canvas and wood panels.

She paints in series, working on six to 10 paintings at a time, exploring symbolism, the fragility of fertility and the wider patterns of life as it affects all cultures.  

She is interested in symbolic ideas and the connection different societies have with an image and then the connection that she makes with that image. See more

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“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde


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