To arts curator & collaborator Margie Beattie, bringing creative voices and distinct visual styles together provides an opportunity for them to tell their compelling creative stories.

An artists’ life is full of story-telling, from musing on themes that often obsess them, to the intense creative process; resulting always in having something to say. She wanted to help artists find an outlet for their visual stories and created – have something to say - a collective exhibition as this platform.

Her hope is that these exhibitions will help artists delve into the art world either collectively or alone; letting their visual stories emerge and empower them to exhibit their art without a dealer gallery. Anyone who wants to experience fresh art voices is invited to engage with these free events. The ground floor custom-made gallery space at Te Auaha, Wellington’s new creative campus in the Dixon/ Cuba precinct is a perfect space for these artists to have their say.

Each artist provides a statement as to what they have to say and their creative background. All artists collectively person the gallery during the exhibition and get to engage with arts patrons visiting and sell artwork from the exhibition.